Thursday, October 15

Las Brisas

Back for our 4th trip to Las Brisas, and another chance to practice my flawless Spanish.

On Day 1, the maid asked me how long we were staying. Only I had her say it 3 times before I could interpret. After finally breaking through I held up 5 fingers ... and said the Spanish word for 4. The maid smiled and said in perfect English, "4 or 5 days Senor?" Pah! Or as they say in Spanish ¡Pah!

On Day 2, we noticed they were installing a sound system in the next casita. Mindful of our total privacy I asked reception what was going on. Oh there's a wedding from 6pm to 9pm. Slightly dickish of me, but I expressed surprise that they chose the villa next to ours. Slightly less dickish was my prediction that they would finish well after 9pm. Midnight to be exact. Happy they are getting married, but could you keep the noise down?

Day 3 (I think), we watched The Sentinel. Awful flick. We'll never get those 2 hours back. More promising was the English speaking Hallmark channel. Usually I stay clear of anything 'Hallmarked' but this version of the TV channel seemed to have no problem airing movies with gratuitously bad language.

By Day 4, Anne and I had re-christened ourselves, Lupe and Tito. We were so absorbed into Hispanic culture that we had that Mexican staple; a Turkey Sandwich with Mayo (and cheeps) in 'Los Deli Shop'.

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Anonymous said...

This photo is a fake, I could tell...
I don't see any divers from the cliffs!
Ok, just being FREAKING jealous!!