Friday, October 16

Leisure Time

As usual we headed down to the Acapulco WalMart. I think I've spent more time in Mexican WalMart than the US counterpart. Loaded up the cart with cheese, chips, beer, snacks, and healthy guacamole! Always nice to see the place patrolled by armed guards with automatic weapons, and as an added bonus this year the bakery staff wore masks to protect from Swine Flu.

Our taxi driver that day was Valentin. Lovely guy. Wanted to know if we needed a tour guide for the next 2 days, then remembered he took those 2 days off.

My darling wife, bought a straw hat (not pictured) that made her look like a beautiful Mexican cowgirl, and we also purchased a ball for the pool. The plastic soccer ball had a caterpillar on it that looked like the TiVo character, and we spent an awesome 15 minutes playing in the pool until I talked Anne into throwing me the ball football style. I missed it (shocking). It bounced over the railing. It was gone. Kind of like the Wilson moment in Castaway, but with WAY more gravitas.

One night we visited an internet recommended restaurant. Not the greatest location, but Gustavo the Venezuelan/Chicago/Italian food expert owner who has semi-retired to Acapulco was a delight. It's a special place that has more staff than customers, and as the only customers all night we were guaranteed special attention. The food was so-so, but they lit one of those mosquito/incense devices, and doubled down on the Sangria strength. Afterwards we walked through the streets of Acapulco. The sense of being in another country is always exciting to me. Until we found ourselves outside an Office Max. Blah.

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