Wednesday, October 14

Mexican wildlife

As I swam in our pool, I would catch the palm tree on the hillside below flapping like crazy. It made me jump each day.

As did the dragon fly, that hit me in the face. Get a fucking radar you idiot insect.

At night, the lizards came out to eat the bugs. Not so good. As usual I had more than 20 mosquito bites.

We squished one and blood flowed freely. Probably my blood.

But it's not all bad. The majestic hawks swooped around the hillside. Sometimes we could see as many as 15 in the sky.

Each morning, beautifully plumed birds would land on our balcony, singing to each other as they looked around.

A ballsy squirrel kept returning to our villa, probably trying to get at the coconuts that would fall from the palm tree in our yard each day.

No sign of the Deli Shop cat, but we did see one creeping around the beauty salon!

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