Saturday, October 31

A struggle

My childhood was NOT hard, but the kids at school (myself included) were verbally cruel and sarcastic.

I have little empathy for children, I don't communicate well with them, and I don't care for their vulnerability.

So .... Halloween is an absolute nightmare.

It's 6.20pm and we just turned on the outside lights, propped open the gate, and schlepped the pumpkins out. I've poured a glass of wine, to lighten my mood.

And now the countdown begins. I'm sure some kid will make me smile (bee costumes usually do the trick), and some will be self-entitled little twats.

UPDATE: A kid dressed as Freddy Kruger turned down candy and asked for a glass of water instead. Then tried to drink using his claw hand. Excellent.

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Anonymous said...

Priceless indeed!