Thursday, October 22


Despite DNA evidence to the contrary. I love this show!

I don't give a shit how damned fruity it is, what bugs me is that it is so damned American.

When self-entitled people from the suburbs of middle America say, "Why do they hate us?" THIS IS WHY.

It's so fucking uplifting. And staged. And homogenized. And show-offy (yes that's a word).

And yet I cannot take my eyes off of it.

We got tons of US shows when I lived in the UK. Some good, some not so good. I can usually disseminate what will transfer well to Europe and why*.

I swear that Glee will fuel hatred throughout the world. "Look at those nerdy kids, taking average pop songs and adding a gloss of show tune pizzazz".

My fruitiness surely reached it's zenith this week. Rachel the lead female singer had the same bedroom dresser as me. Aaaaghhh, my brain is throbbing with how toolish I feel for spotting that.

I have to stop now, before I break out into choreographed song and dance.

* Regarding TV shows that came to the UK. At work the other day I referenced Champion the Wonder Horse, a show I watched in the 80's. It was a US show that was made between 1955-56. It was called The Adventures of Champion in the US. Was my childhood TV so bad that we had to import a 25 year old show about a horse themed sub-par Lassie rip-off?

OK one more thing. In the UK they changed Top Cat to 'Boss Cat' (some copyright issue). It made no sense at all, and they couldn't be bothered to change the theme tune.

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