Monday, November 2

Audible groan from the M.R.S.

My long suffering, eye-rolling Anne has consistently rejected my request to buy a wine rack.

Her reasons seem extremely flimsy.

1. We only buy one or two bottles at a time
2. I'm allergic to fruit - my tongue breaks out in hives after 1 glass
3. I am being pretentious
4. I'm attempting to impress Didier, our friend and bon vivant/viveur ... I never know which one to use (thus slightly challenging point #3)

Well hold on to your hat my dear, because instead I'm going to start using this

That's right, wine collection management software. Grab the Blue Nun, we've got some data entry to do ....


anne said...

Aside from the dubious name, I can live with this -- no eye-rolls included.

Anonymous said...

Jeez... Who's the boss around here?!!
I'm pretty much facing the same problems here over here: would like to empty the closet and replace the tons of purses and feminine shoes with a giant wine rack. Just give everything away to charity or the hundreds of Afghans refugees in our neighborhood for instance...
That would be sweet!
But alas, the answer is no.
Women just don’t seem to get it when it comes to wine, do they?!!

oucheba said...

Do the feminine shoes belong to you or Adria?

Anonymous said...

Wild guess!
To me, of course: "I'm French! Where do you think I’ve got this outrageous accent you silly King??"