Saturday, November 28

How's it goin' hop-along?

Great event in the Cambridge Starbucks today.

I'm stood in line, vaguely aware of the music playing, when in struts a wise-ass black kid who starts a conversation with the middle aged white guy stood behind me.

BK: "You like the jazz huh?"
WG: "Yeah"
BK: "This is Herbie Hancock man ... jazz genius. This shit's like classical music to me man. This is Herbie's signature syncopated beats"
WG: "Yeah"

One problem. The music playing was Take Five by Dave Brubeck Quartet. I'm going to say that Take Five is probably in the top 5 most recognizable pieces of jazz. It's so obviously not Herbie Hancock.

But of course, middle aged white guy said nothing ... and neither did the next white guy who got the same jazz chat.

And as I walk out, a woman walks in on crutches.

BK: "How's it goin' hop-along?"
Woman (clearly shocked): "Erm, not too good"
BK: "Don't worry baby, you'll be fine tomorrow"

Crazy bastard. But not a jazz aficionado.

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