Wednesday, November 11

Well why wouldn't you?

Some of the little kiddies of Beverly chose today's Veterans' Day to go all Urban Warfare on our asses!

As I eat my lunch there are 10 kids with BB Guns patrolling our parking lot. They are all dressed in goggles, with bandanas over their mouths. I would call this look "Militia Nerd".

I knocked on the window and one of them jumped a mile in the air, then did some gesture with two fingers pointing at his eyes, which I think meant, "Don't give away my location,"

They appear to have no problem walking through people's yards with their rifle and hand gun replicas.

Where's a sniper when you need one? Oh ... they executed the DC guy yesterday. Sorry, didn't mean to be inappropriate, I'll leave that to the 12 year guerillas who are no doubt scratching my car right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

F**king kids!
You need a taser... A big one!