Sunday, December 27

C to the L to the E

After Anne's parents ran every possible 'what if' scenario (weather, terrorism, house fire, ID loss), saying goodbye to Ohio proved to be a security free breeze. We arrived way too early at the airport, only to find no lines, and no extra checks.

As we waited for the plane, a robin fluttered around the terminal, oblivious to the nutritional deficiencies of Cinnabon and Hudson News snacks.

Meanwhile a guy with sweatpants pulled so high the ladies could literally see what they were NOT missing continuously walked in and out of the men's restroom. I'm not saying he looked creepy, I'm just suggesting he be placed on a watch list.

Finally a good looking blind guy sat next to us with his visually perfect (sic) girlfriend. They were flying to Connecticut where I believe they have quotas for that sort of thing.

Boarding proved to be a joy. Continental decided to board 3 flights at the same time through the same gate. Because why not?

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