Wednesday, December 16

Colorful Clutter

So I guess not having a boss means I never have to tidy my desk. Then again I've always been messy.

This is my desk of the day photo.

Items of note: My ribbed leather wallet. A calculator with the 'C' button in both top right and bottom left - this is very important to me. My Pantone regulated coffee mug. An actual Pantone stick. A Wunderlust notebook. An Apple laptop. An unused stressball. My giant pencil sharpener pen holder. Starbucks instant coffee. Altoids. A highlighter pen - I use this infrequently, I'm not a highlighting fan. A super thick pencil stolen from the hotel in Santa Monica last week. Tissues - one of the 25 boxes I received in last year's Yankee Swap gift exchange. Staples - a full box ... never use them. A yellow jaycloth - I clean my desk each week. An iPhone. Scissors. Colorful phone lists and price lists. 1 of 10 laptop power adaptors I have laying around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like an old Office Depot commercial!