Tuesday, December 29

Contact Details

So yes, 24 hours later we have been re-acquianted with our luggage.

At the airport I had to give details of our bags.

Me: "It's bright yellow"
Them: "Are there any identifying features?"
Me: "It's bright yellow"
Them (passing me pictures of suitcases): Does it look like any of these?
Me: "Yes ... and it's bright yellow"

With those details ironed out I gave them my parents address and phone number. In return I was given a phone number to call ... in case you don't hear from us within the next 48 hours. 2 days? I'm only here for 5 days total!

From the airport to my parents house we popped into M&S and bought underwear, t-shirts and sweatpants. So yesterday was just your usual jet lagged lounging around the house sort of day.

I tried calling KLM last night and again this morning. Finally they picked up.

Me: "Hi ... did my bags arrive yet?"
Them: "Oh, you're the Gentleman I spoke to yesterday. Yes, they arrived last night"
Me: "When will I receive them?"
Them: "Well probably tomorrow, unless you are local"
Me: "I live in the next town, is that local?"
Them: "Not really, and we've just started using a new courier service"

And with that we jumped into the car and drove back to the airport.

From here on in whenever I am asked to fill in contact details; this is what I shall write.

The Gentleman you spoke to yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

A "Gentleman" indeed, with a bright yellow suitcase...