Tuesday, December 15

Coq au Vin!

Success! In so much that Anne didn't need ER attention.

Earlier during ingredient shopping at Whole Foods, I got chatting with a fellow shopper who was buying Pearl Onions. Turned out she was inspired by the Julia Child movie and she was making a Boeuf Bourguignon. We exchanged advice and settled on White Onions instead, and bid each other 'adieu'.

The Coq au Vin came out good. I only set the smoke alarm off the once. Had a little worry with the sauce reduction (which always seems to happen to the Top Chef people too), but overall it came out good. I even did the setting fire to the Cognac trick. Burn those eyebrows.

Here's to a year of cooking. Holy Fricassée.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind the sauce reduction: Top chef is for sissies... They would be eaten alive here with their weird hairstyle!