Tuesday, December 15

Happy Birthday

It's Ann-o-rama's birthday today, so naturally she went to work while I took the day off. We've gone a little Julia Child silly this year. Anne read her biography, and we have both watched some of her old shows. And we seem to have purchased a bunch of obscure kitchen utensils.

So my gift to Anne is Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. More to the point I have committed to cooking one recipe a month (OK, so I'm not Julie Powell).

I've yet to decide what I'm going to cook today, but I'm sure it will involve lots of butter, wine, and a kitchen full of used pots and pans.

In the absence of a finished cooked masterpiece, here's a picture of Anne in Acapulco, where we ate nothing of any culinary value ... just beer and snacks. It's what the Aztecs would have wanted.

Happy Birthday Darling.

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Anonymous said...

Do you need me to come to your rescue ASAP?!!
Have fun and bonne chance while preparing dinner...