Friday, December 4

LA Days II

Up early to get over to the other side of town for a store walk through with our client. Google maps predict anywhere from 20 to 130 minutes drive because of traffic. Arrive crazy early so we pile into Denny's for a cheap breakfast. Learn Sean had room service breakfast back at Casa Del Mar. That'll be the same price as Denny's. I'm sure.

Walk through is great. Awesome client.

Then we skidaddle back to the hotel for an awkward luxury.

We all signed up for a massage, and are asked to change into a robe and sit in the serenity room. 4 people who work together should not be naked in a room except for a robe and flip-flops. At one point Kim crouches to pour some water, and Sean re-crosses his legs. Both may have been perilously close to 'Basic Instinct' except I am staring at the ceiling fan.

An hour later we are stress free. So we go for a walk to Santa Monica pier. This happens to Sean! Also eat Mexican food in a place filled with pigeons. Fucking scum.

A quick shower and change and we are off to Pasadena. Another 2 hrs of traffic is circumvented with the 20 questions game. Probably the first time The Elephant Man and Kelly Clarkson have appeared on the same bill.

Then we play the terrible memory game ... "I went to the grocery store and I bought ..." Purely for my own posterity the list was avocado, bananas, carrots, Dorritos, Evian, french fries, guacamole, horseradish sauce, ice cream, jalapenos, Kit-kat, linguine (having earlier put lo-mien back on the shelf), minestrone soup, Nilla wafers, onion rings, popcorn, quart of tobacco, Ring-Dings, She Magazine, Twix, ugly fruit, vanilla extract, Worcestershire sauce, Xylophone, Y-Fronts, Zip-loc bags

Dinner is fun, and cocktails back at the hotel round off a wonderful day.

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