Monday, December 28

No Tulips. Just a Ball Cupping

Landed in Amsterdam and started running down the moving walkway to catch our connection. An old Indian lady decided the end of the walkway would be a good place to overturn her cart and stop. The guy in front of us (also in a rush), took a flying karate style kick to clear the way, and offered a few choice expletives to the poor Sari-clad dear.

Whatever, we had a flight to make.

Got to the security, and stepped into the future. They have an all over body scan device that looks like an 8ft Mason Jar. With Amsterdam suddenly looking like a petri-dish of poor security, they had implemented an extra pat down.

Oh Boy! Did he just cup my nuts? Yes he did. Then he stuck his hand past my belt line. I felt definite latex glove on pubic hair action. I think you pay double for that.

On the short bus ride to the plane we encountered our first Yorkshire couple of the trip. No hand luggage, arms crossed, with that angry but not sure why look on their face.

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Anonymous said...

That's called "fame": apparently, everyone knows about your outstanding monkey... Thus, they all want to touch it!
The real question is: did you enjoy it?