Monday, December 14

Over to you Frank

16 weeks ago I had no idea who Frank Gore was.

Tonight I need him to run for 60 yds OR score a touchdown to take me into the Fantasy Football play-offs.

Of course the 49-ers have started playing a spread offense which will make it harder ... this also makes me sound knowledgeable about Football.

What started as a way to show how any monkey could win at Fantasy Football (and I believe I have proved this), has turned into a freakish addiction. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get into Football. I could have been screaming expletives at the TV with Anne years ago.

Even if I lose tonight I still might sneak into the Playoffs based on my season long record. But I want to claim my spot in style. SO come on Frank. Do your stuff.

It all began in August ...

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rakeback said...

As talented as Frank Gore is, its surprising that the 49ers run the ball so little. Teams usually play to their strengths and the running game has been their staple the last 3 years, with Frank getting 1000 yards each season. Alex Smith has come a long way, but I still think hes in the bottom tier of quarterbacks.