Sunday, December 27

Welcome to Boston

Landing early in Boston meant we were able to take a quick trip home. An hour to un-wind, re-pack, and possibly another hyphen-related activity for me, while Anne watched Football for an hour.

Once again I insisted we get to the airport stupendously early, and once again security proved to be as 'slack as a bag of knackers'. Never mind that a 2nd nutjob had been dragged off a North West flight coming out of Amsterdam, we were only going there.

After a delay just long enough to make me worry that we'd miss our connection in 7 hours time we finally took off.

Compounding my angst was the selection of crazy looking people on the flight. It's interesting how 2 days of terrorism news suddenly makes you a master profiler.

Also is there anything more entertaining than a middle aged drunken woman who appears to be experiencing everything on the plane for the first time. "Oh! headphones!", "I'm turning on the air nozzle because it stops you from getting sick", "The drinks are free on International right?"

As drunken lady snoozed the flight attendants came down the aisle with drinks. And I heard this quality exchange.

Passenger in 16b: Do you have SoyMilk?
Attendant: No

For the next 6 hours I was in and out. Thanks Benadryl. So happy I coughed up an extra $50 for a seat with extra legroom. Unfortunately extra legroom was canceled out by no footroom. I have the in-flight entertainment system to thank for that.

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