Saturday, January 2

In a South Easterly Direction

Pulled over at the dreadfully grim Woolly Edge Service Stop on the M1 south of Wakefield today.

A usual grey overcast England January day, filled with drizzle. We were pepping up the day buying magazines and chocolate.

From the comfort of our tiny little Peugeot I looked to my right and saw a Muslim family going through their (multi?) daily ritual of praying towards Mecca (which also happens to be the name of a chain of Bingo Halls in the UK ... but I digress).

Of course, when you are next to the M1 which runs north - south, it's fairly easy to work out where Mecca is. What made this quite sad, was that they chose a vaguely protected little patch of spare land by this 1960's built eyesore. And still ended up praying directly into a damp dirt-lined wall only 3 feet away.

I'm sure will be delighted to note their ad points approximately in the direction of the holiest Islamic site. Nice ad placement ... and who doesn't love cheaper car insurance?

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