Sunday, January 3

Mummy, Mummy, can we ....?

So we made it back home! We left a chilly snow-filled Wakefield early this morning, and despite arriving late at Amsterdam, the extra security meant we made the flight and so did our bags. Great to be home. The heating is on, and we'll be sleeping in our own bed for the first time in 10 days.

Of course the local Leeds Bradford Airport was a delight.

I noticed the place was filled with modern parents and their Tarquin and Guinevere kids. They were all going skiing. Because after 2 weeks off for Christmas why wouldn't you go for another week?

Offsetting the posh little kids and their continuos requests for designer cereals and waters were the hardcore rugby shirt clad nut-jobs getting pissed on lager and cider at 9am in the morning. One guy who looked younger than me had a shirt that said No. 1 Granddad on it. And I don't think he was expressing irony.

I got 2 cups of coffee. Did some quick conversion math and it worked out to be just shy of $9. Most dreadful coffee we ever tasted. Ah well, as we say in Yorkshire, mustn't grumble ... but then we do.

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