Sunday, February 28

Alicia, Tur and Florida

All Keys.

Beautiful ocean color, amazing bridges connecting the islands, pelicans gliding in the sea-breeze at the same speed we were driving.

Deadbeat dads with pony tails and fanny packs. Middle-aged women drinking one too many Mojitos with skin like an old baseball mit. Trashy mullet freeloaders eating 39¢ wings, getting boring tattoos, driving on noisy bikes, stopping at junk-shops masquerading as antique stores and ticky-tack Shell Shops.

The Keys reminded me of the poor cousin of the other over-rated 'fake island' people of America ... Cape Cod.

Back in gay old FtLauderdale we ate Italian food with cops sat at the next table. Their radios going "kkkcchh" every 10 seconds.
Not at all annoying.

No tsunami deaths in Hawaii. Bummer!

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