Monday, February 22

Case Closed. Mystery Solved

I was childishly sniggering at the double entendre of a skiing conversation last week. And recalled a ski trip of my own in 1990.

One evening after a particularly icy day on the bunny slopes of Andorra I was talking to this woman in a bar in full on apr├Ęs-ski mode. Somehow sexual positions entered (snigger) the conversation and she stated that Hector's House was her favorite.

Of course this was pre-internet, so there was no hurrying off to google. My friend Adrian (also in Andorra with me) was none the wiser either .. as he liberally applied wax to his skis to enable better 'schussing'.

So back to modern day 2010 amidst an office chat of long poles, up the back side, Beaver pass et al, I finally googled Hector's House.

The French title was La Maison de Toutou which translates as "The House of the Doggie". Zut Alors!

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