Tuesday, February 23

Civic Duty

I just attended my first City Council hearing. What a hive of industry they have going on down there.

Our yard backs onto a State building, and their air conditioner is on the loud side. Our Millie Tant neighbors got us to sign a petition to turn the damn thing down.

City hearing. State Building. Jurisdiction problem? As if!

Before our hearing there was a 'right to do' concerning an Indian restaurant in Harvard Square, and some seriously pissed off adjacent businesses. The curry house has had 4 fires in 7 years. It seems only a matter of time before the whole of Harvard burns down through their incompetence.

Lots of rumor, innuendo, bending of facts and supposition were played out. Meanwhile the fire chief had perfected speaking in a 'I write reports' tone. Must be great being married to him. It was at 9.02pm that I first discussed the potential for intercourse with the aforementioned wife. Measurement showed her excitement to be at a compliant level, and as such I proceeded with foreplay as shown in the operator's manual ....

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