Thursday, February 4

Come to Florida

I generally have nothing good to say about Florida, but I'm going there anyway.

We need a few days out of the Boston winter, so I just spent the past 24 hours trawling thru' every travel engine available to find something that fits into my over-thought, neurotic wheelhouse.

We like warm weather, but not sand or ocean. We must fly direct. I don't really like other people, so privacy is good. We're not looking for education or culture, just a place to read a bunch of books and chill. Would be cool to be able to walk around, but we'd like to be able to drive to other places close by.

Also in the running, Puerto Rico, Austin TX, Bahamas, Bermuda, Aruba and the Cayman Islands.

Instead we found a tiny resort of bungalows (there are 5 of them) in a trendy (read gay) suburb of Fort Lauderdale. I'm thinking Barbary Lane from Tales of the City meets retired Miami queens.

I have 8 books to read, and 3 days. Cannot wait for the end of February!


Anonymous said...

You will (still) not be able to avoid the old farts: they are EVERYWHERE in Florida!

Anonymous said...

And please, do something cultural while you're there... Do not forget/miss the early bird specials: baked potato and steak at 4:30 PM for only $4,99!