Friday, February 26

Come to Florida

So while everyone else in Northern Mass went without power and internet we've jetted off to Florida.

We're staying in FtL at a small resort of 5 bungalows that share a common tropical garden, pool and hot tub. TripAdvisor tells us that it is popular with a gay clientele and the cruise crowd (or both if you can picture that Venn diagram).

As the owner showed us around it was obvious there were no cruises leaving that week. Instead we were greeted with big fat guys running around with their bits hanging out. No problem. We grabbed a sun lounger and a glass of wine and started chatting with our new naked friends. Mostly guys from Albany and NYC, they gave us the run down on all of the excellent gay bars and restaurants, and miserable straight establishments.

Setting off for dinner tonight we saw a guy walking his dogs. As we walked he called out Anne's name. Turns out it was her hair stylist from Boston. He lives down here most of the time. He'd never walked the dogs on this street before. Twilight Zone coincidence.

Still bemused by bumping into the one person we know from Florida, we stumbled into a cheap Mexican restaurant. We ordered a sampler of everything. Always amazed at how many ways you can dress up a tortilla, beans, salsa and a protein.

Afterwards we went for cocktails at the local. A strange mix of butch leather clad handlebar mustached guys, 100 lb latinos, and old queens who left their wives in middle age to live the life they had always wished for.

We sat at the bar and got wasted.

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