Monday, February 22

Desert Island Demotivation

Desert Island Discs is a venerable British radio programme. Simple premise - you're stranded on said island, and you pick 7 records to keep you company.

The show has been running for years, and guests have included Heads of State down to D-list celebrities. Kirsty Young is the current host, and she is loved by men of a certain age.

Along the course of the show Kirsty, with her flirty Scottish cadence, helps the audience gain insight into what shaped the guest to become who he/she is today.

This week the guest was Sir Clive Woodward. For the uninitiated, Clive was the ├╝ber-motivational coach, who guided England to success in the Rugby World Cup of 2003.

For the first 15 minutes I was impressed by how he guided England to glory with a mixture of American corporate thinking (he was an exec at Xerox), alternate coaching methods and gladiatorial inspiration. He cited an Eminem song as one of his 7 discs. And then moved onto a love of Bob Dylan.

And then he took a turn for the worse. Much like Bob Dylan, I find Ronan Keating to be very inspirational. Ronan Keating - lead singer of Irish boyband Boyzone?

Congrats Sir Clive. That is a brand new sentence in the English language. It has NEVER previously been constructed.

Much like Bob Dylan, I find Ronan Keating to be very inspirational.

From there Clive (because I have stripped him of his knighthood), moves onto a Phil Collins song, before finishing with a Take That song. In fact when pushed at the end of the show, he chose the Take That tune over all others.

How demotivating.

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