Thursday, February 11

Hey Doppler Guy

I'm 'thinking positive', but this week continues to suck like an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Boston closed it's schools yesterday. Why? Because of the impending blizzard. That never came.

So last night, against my accumulated wisdom, I switched on the TV and watched the local news. Weather guy ... "Well the snow didn't come as soon as we thought. But we'll still get hit tonight".

That comment was rattling around in my head when a snow plough woke me at 3.45am.

Wow it must be like Scott of the Antarctic out there I thought from the warmth of my bed.

No. The top of my car has zero snow on it. There's less than an inch blowing around. In other words, like every other day in Massachusetts at this time of year.

The only good to come from this so far is that my co-worker Kim got an extra day vacation. Her airline let her travel on Tuesday ... because Wednesday was going to be the start of the impending Ice Age Armageddon.


Anonymous said...

On this photo and from this angle, it looks like the guy has a multicolored alien-size penis...
That hurts more than any snow!

oucheba said...

Do you think of all the weatherman photos I chose the one with a neon cock by accident?

Anonymous said...

I guess not: I know you better than that...
I wonder what Superman would think of this guy's super-dick powers?!!