Saturday, February 6

Home Alone

With Anne of Cleve visiting her Mom (Happy Birthday), I'm left to my own devices.

Rock and roller that I am, I got home from work last night, ate dinner, watched 24, and went to bed.

And today has been equally action packed. Meandered up Rt 1 to pick up our new lamp, bought some Turkish Apricots, switched out a light bulb, and I'm now cajoling myself into doing a load of washing.

Tonight does have a smidge of excitement. I'm going to the Wilbur Theater to see Jennifer Coolidge.

In degrees of classiness, you'll know her from Best in Show, Legally Blonde, or as Stiffler's Mom in American Pie.

No idea what she is going to do (stand-up, dance, Nepalese Throat Singing, on-stage queefing, minor surgery, Civil War reenactment), and don't care.

Later I have a form to fill in from my Credit Card company, and I'll read that letter that just arrived from the City of Cambridge. Thrill-seeker!

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