Saturday, February 27

Jews, views, loos and dues

Awoke with a dry mouth, dull head, and a slightly upset stomach ... more of that later.

First up breakfast, as we walked our rainbow neighborhood, I have to say they love a queer pun around here. Gaymart. Bottoms & Tops, Bona's, Shades of the Past, Rock Hard, Pride Factory.

Anyhow, after breakfast we headed for Miami Beach. Along the way we passed the dock at Ft Lauderdale, and got stuck on this bad boy, but soon enough we were in Miami Beach. It was the sabbath so the roads were quiet. What a strangely delightful place. Old jewish couples and young and beautiful nouveau riche all came out to play.

Be it Miami or Withernsea, I'm always up for a quick dip of the toes in the sea. And as I walked wet-legged and sand-covered back to the Art Deco hotels I noticed a bunch of good looking people drinking wine and munching on expensive snacks. Whole Foods were hosting a on-the-beach Food & Wine show. I can feel a work trip coming on for 2011.

Still feeling queasy from last night's Mexican food, I ordered coffee and a coconut macaroon for lunch. The macaroon was bigger than my hand, and covered in chocolate. I ate it all.

30 minutes later we were driving over the bridge into Miami. This has to be one of the great city-scapes. Miami Beach in the rear-view mirror, the city of Miami rising in front of you, to your left are the exclusive island homes and docked boats of the rich and famous, and to your left are the mega-sized cruise ships.

Overcome by it all, my stomach said "Get to a bathroom in the next 4 minutes." Screeching to a stop outside a random Marriott I ran through the hotel like a lunatic Geisha, arms flapping but legs held tightly together looking for the restroom.

Serenity restored we headed for Key Biscayne and the wacky-ass kite surfers. Wet-suit clad dudes strap a massive kite-cum-sail to their chests, hook their feet into the bindings on their board and away they go. Nutjobs.

With the adrenaline rush (of watching a danger sport) out of the way we headed for the Dolphins stadium. Bummer. Toll road. Also it had begun to rain, so the empty stadium looked even gloomier amidst the suburban sprawl of South Florida.

So yesterday the earthquake in Chile struck. Is it just me or are CNN/Fox/MSNBC fucking PRAYING for a tsunami to hit Hawaii? They seem to have permanent erections as the oceanologists report a 2" rise in the tidal basins.

Tonight we drove into Ft Lauderdale for poor service, adequate food, and equal opportunity trash viewing (Floridian and Euros tied).

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Sounds like you had a lovely time!!