Tuesday, February 9


This isn't left or right, it's just an observation.

I had a doctor's appointment today at an outpatient section of my local hospital. Sat in the waiting room were about 50 other people. They were ALL over 70.

So let's park the obvious question (What is so wrong with me that I had to be seen by a doctor who normally treats old people?)

Please don't tell me that socialized medicine is either wrong, or does not exist. I was the only person who paid a dime at that hospital this afternoon. Crazy old ladies getting MRIs for shits and giggles, wheel-chaired vets handing out urine samples. It's all kicking off, and it's all paid for by us, the tax payer.

One old guy was standing in line for registration, and was just letting off farts. 10 farts, like a machine gun. Even when he was talking to the receptionist, he kept farting and didn't miss a beat.

Oh, I'll be a great Senior.

He tried to steal my iPod Touch, so I punched him in the balls.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, I'll be a great Senior.":
I have no doubt...