Thursday, February 11

When is he coming back to finish it?

When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons,' and bail.

Thanks Paul Rudd, but let's try to make lemonade instead.

I get a bit frustrated with my poor handyman skills. I'm improving, but we recently needed help with our gate. Either the wooden fence/gate was contracting, or the hinge had slipped, or the latch was unaligned. Whatever. The result was that the gate was swinging open in the wind.

We called a guy, and after 2 weeks of tedious back and forth explanations he fitted a new fastening device.

This device appeared to be a loop of wire sticking through the fence. Upon seeing this I thought "Ah, I get it, take the gate alignment out of the equation. Once he puts some kind of handle/catch on that, it will look golden".

Of course, there was no finishing touch. The wire through the fence was the opening device.

Star that she is, Anne called the guy, who came and refitted our original latch. Which is working just fine again.

This whole episode makes me smile. It reminded me of a sweet childhood memory.

Some bafoon crashed into our front fence, so my dad arranged for his brother to build a new wall ... while we were on vacation.

On returning from our holiday we got to see our new wall ... built from old bricks. An awkward phone call later, my uncle came back and knocked the thing down. Not sure if my Dad and his brother really hit it off again after that incident ....

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Anonymous said...

Wow... This childhood story explains a lot of things!