Tuesday, February 9

Where do I Begin?

I wish I had a day full of rosewater and butterflies, but no.

My credit card company were the balls last week. Some Tyrolean tosspot was buying ski equipment with my credit card, so Chase called up Austria and essentially said, "Hey! Hans! We ain't paying"

This week I received my new card, and began the monotonous experience of updating the billions of websites that hold my credit card info.

10am I get a text message from Chase asking if I authorized a transaction with a computer company today. Yes I replied, I bought something from Apple like I do most weeks. (Read - there's a precedent).

Text flurry .... your transactions are on hold. Give us a call.

I call. "Hey, what's your full 16 digit card number and social security number etc etc". I hang up and call another Chase number.

Turns out they thought the payment to Apple was fraud. It was not.

Me Will you be blocking any more of my transactions?

Chase Don't know

Me Could you push through the payment to Apple?

Chase No, you'll have to re-submit that. We weren't sure you had activated your card.

Me Yes, I did, I spent a wonderful 7 minutes on the phone declining other services with one of your Indian co-workers.

Chase Sorry 'bout that too.

Me I'm frustrated. Bye.

Chase Bye, thanks for calling Chase.

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