Sunday, March 14

4 Down. Still Alive.

Today I cooked Halibut in a Provençale style. Month 4 of my once a month birthday gift to Anne. So far I don't think Julia Child is doing any grave rolling.

I'm loving this whole cooking thing. Sure I'm like a child in the kitchen creating havoc by using every pan, utensil and ingredient. Once again I managed to set off the smoke alarm when I did a quick pre-bake sear of the fish.

There really is no secret to this French cooking concept. Butter, onions, tomatoes, wine, garlic and fresh herbs. How can it taste bad?

8 more to go. Hoping to avoid doing an aspic.


Anne said...

Well, you could have burned it, put too much of any one thing in. But you didn't. It tasted great because you took the time, followed the recipe. And of course, having Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert really helped!

Anonymous said...

"Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert really helped!": tricky man!!