Sunday, March 7

Boo Concept

Dear Bo Concept

We've previously spent a lot of money with you to purchase a cabinet, dining room table and chairs, and a couch for our home + some cool stuff for my office.

In Jan this year we ordered a set of drawers to compliment the table, chairs and cabinets. We commented how much we liked our current set up, and were clear that the drawers were being purchased to go with the existing items.

However we made a mistake. Told that the choices were white, black or walnut, we assumed our previous purchases were walnut.

They were in fact cherry.

Thus when the delivery was made today the drawers did not match our previous purchases.

We called you, and you checked on your computer and told us that we had previously ordered cherry items.

We were disappointed to be told there would be a 40% re-stocking fee.

It is frustrating to know that right there on the BoConcept computer was our previous order history showing cherry.

I would hope our previous purchasing record would demonstrate that we are return customers, and you might consider a more lenient approach to resolving the problem.

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