Tuesday, March 16

Random Observations

The Guy who wrote The Notebook
Could this twat just give up writing? You're hack.

Randy Jackson and actors named Gyllenhaal
Like a circle. Pointless.

Let's not call them meteorologists - that suggests a knowledge of Science.

Gemma Arterton
I'm worried. You're beautiful and talented, but I read the first page of your GQ interview and I can tell you make poor choices.

Can everyone just stop covering this. And it's a Cohen song. Not a Buckley song.

The World's Strongest Vagina
Surely the best headline I will read this year.

Stay calm everyone. It's just bullet riddled dead bodies and headless policemen. Still a great place to visit every year.

80% of male teenagers
Cut your fucking hair.

Guys I loved you since 1987. Even if you made a dialysis machine I'd buy one. But the latest iPhone ad where the boring mother sends her kid video to "everyone she knows', is the biggest technology failure since the Zune.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to comment on David Beckham?

Frankie Pancakes said...

I HATE the guy who wrote "The Notebook" too, and everything else he wrote named "The (noun)" Seriously, fuck that guy.