Tuesday, March 30

It's not good but it is awkward

Random thoughts from watching American Idol.

In the last 7 days a production guy has said, "It's Soul night, get me 3 plus-sized black back-up singers ... and make them foxy. Next, bedazzle the fuck out of those Lane Bryant dresses.

I googled "Randy Jackson is a giant douche", I do this most weeks.

You never want to tease the last segment of a show with "Coming up, 16 year old Aaron tackles some Bill Withers"

Kim Jung-Il. He's in it to win it.

During an ad break some little girl corrected her kid sister about a million dollar dress. Snarky little shit.

Speaking of dresses ... I don't give a damn whether your heart was broken in love or by vehicular tragedy (with I think DoucheCrest was alluding to), that evening dress looks like ass.

The anchors on the Boston Fox News feed are sociopaths.

And finally, Usher. I bet he knows his way around a lady from head to toe. Probably leaves his sunglasses on as well. Smooth bastard.

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