Sunday, March 21

Reasons to speak French

I watched La Fille de Monaco this morning. An enjoyable movie that first caught my attention with this great movie poster. It's up there with the poster for Le M├ępris in my humble opinion.

For me, and despite the title, the film was a study of the relationship between the 2 men in the film.

As for the titular character, she has many of the features favored by the superficial man. And in one sexy scene you get to see pretty much all of la fille....

... unless you watched the subtitled version which managed to unintentionally cover her (complete lack of) modesty.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah... The French and their sexy movies!
Ah... The Americans and their unsexy subtitles!
A bas la fausse censure ! On veut du cul, du vrai !