Tuesday, April 27

Double 7s Pt II

Anne wrote about our super exciting Anniversary morning yesterday.

Later ...

Home early from work we walked (hand in hand) down to the local Culinary Institute. They have a restaurant where the public can get a flavor for the up and coming chefs of Boston.

They were closed.

So we walked to EVOO in their new Kendall Square space. The maitre d took our coats but asked that we place our (unused and closed) umbrellas in the lobby ... against the wall.

And when did "Home Made" become an acronym for good? "Home Made" bread, desserts, and sorbets can all suck.

With full bellies we walked home and watched 20 minutes of a British detective show from the 1980's, and were in bed by 9.10pm.

Sweet sweet middle age.

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Anonymous said...

Not so romantic!