Monday, April 19

Evel Knievel

You go years without mentioning the 70's daredevil, and then he crops up twice in a few days.

Running late for an appointment this morning, I'd beat the lights close to my house and was fast approaching the Tobin bridge, when 45 School buses pulled out in front of me. It's a State holiday today, so Christ knows where they were going (probably helping the Boston Marathon runners).

It's not until you see a long parade of School Buses that you realize how batshit crazy you must be to try to jump them on a motorbike.

Last week I'd gone with my mum to a hospital visit. It was the same hospital I'd had my tonsils removed in 1975. I reminded my mum that when I left the hospital, my sister Lorraine had the mumps. To make sure I didn't pick them up, they bundled my sister off to my grandparents (Grandad was already sterile!).

There was a few hours overlap while they quarantined the house, during which me and my dad walked over to my school playground and played with this bad boy.

The wind up Evel Knievel was THE toy of the mid-70's.

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