Sunday, April 4

Good Lord!

So I just sneaked out of Mass. I'm sorry, too many kids screaming, plus I think I have an ear infection, so the whole service sounded like I was in a submarine. Oh, and I'm an atheist.

But that's not the point. I walked home in the sunshine, and started to make myself some lunch when I heard an almighty crash outside.

I ran to my deck to see dust and debris in the air. The chimney on one of the houses behind us had fallen down. I was soon joined by most of our neighbors (nice way to meet them!)

Here's a photo from my bedroom window (I felt a little weird shooting from the deck, everyone else seems very concerned).

So now everyone is having a good old chat about it. Nobody is home at the house in question, or the neighboring house for that matter. Just the problem of half a ton of broken chimney to clear up.

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