Monday, April 5

Is this a Craig David blog?

OK, so 3 posts in a year about Craig David is particularly worrying. Anyone who records a song called Booty Man needs a sharp and swift kicks in the nuts.

So, as previously explained, my morning ritual involves coffee and internet. Today, no different, I read the BBC website and clicked on Entertainment. Despite 10 years in the US I still give a little credence to whatever is #1 in the UK.

Craig David is not #1, but he does have a new CD of soul covers.

Now I'm a fan of soul. And I'll usually give a cover version a spin. You never know, you might uncover the 'original' original - so many of the Motown/Stax/Atlantic tunes were seemingly recorded by everyone on the labels roster.

Better yet, you might stumble upon a modern wonder like the Detroit Cobras, who pay homage to the old recording but give it some modern day sass.

So today I entered by UK iTunes password and ... well .... frankly I pissed away my hard earned UK Pounds.

It seems to me that Craig took the sheet music of these classic songs, spread them all over a flat surface, and then proceeded to defecate upon them.

In 1969 Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong wrote Just My Imagination. It is sad yet sweet. Soulful and full of longing for a love that will never be fulfilled. I have about a dozen versions of this song. I'll tell you how bad Craig David's version is. I prefer the Bette Midler recording.

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