Sunday, April 25

It's been a while

Since I ragged on the clientele of Starbucks.

I've pared back on the coffee this year, but we were out of milk this morning, so I headed on down to one of the 12 Starbucks within a 2 mile radius of my house.

Shockingly I was stood behind an over-privileged, pedantic OCD prick.

Drink #1
Venti, non-fat, half-foam, half-caf, extra hot (?), extra shot ... latte.
2 minutes later when the poor chick handed him this drink, he sipped on it to make sure it was right.


Drink #2
Tazo Black Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade
When handed this one, he inserted a straw, took a sip, and then threw away the straw. Next he wiped the top of the lid, and then asked for another lid. Having clasped on the 2nd lid, he wiped it again. And then asked for another lid.

During this time the girl behind the counter was trying to make my latte.

Finally he asked for brown sugar.

I wanted to twat this guy ... but he was bigger than me, and he had an extremely hot beverage as a weapon. I just had a poorly made latte by a distracted MIT reject.

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