Wednesday, May 12

Home Alone

Anne is in San Francisco for a few days. Wow the house feels so empty without her.

I seldom order food, but somehow when I'm on my own the craving always wins. I was going to buy some beers too, but I held back. What a doyen of resistance I am.

Christ knows what life would be like if I lived alone. Sitting naked on the sofa eating a pound of hard cheese springs to mind.

Back to pleasant thoughts. I watered our Christmas tree tonight. We moved it out into the garden a few weeks ago, and it's not doing great. I talked nicely to it while I watered. Sensed the tree was saying "Who the hell are you? You don't come out here often."

Tomorrow I get on a plane and head for England* - it will be like when Anne and I first met. 5,000 miles and 8 time zones apart. I know we have a world of gadgets and modes of communication, but staring at the moon and chatting away is still my favorite method. I know Anne will do the same.

So while Anne hangs out with her old friends (who happen to be my day to day Scrabble partners), I'll be back in Blighty with my College friends. It'll be 1988 again for all of us.

* So I revealed we are both out of the house. Trust me, we have an awesome security system!

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