Thursday, May 13

Lucky Me

To call the service I just received crap would be to do a disservice to the fecal matter community.

I'm holed up in Terminal A ready to head to England. Thought I'd try Lucky's ... After all their main joint is awesome. First up it took 6 staff serving less than 20 people more than 15 minutes to even notice me.

One insipid lite beer later I ordered a Cubano sandwich ... Because that's me ... Filled with the mambo rhythms of Havana.

20 minutes later the guy dropped a plate of sliders on my table. Fuck it I said to myself, I'll just eat the damn mini burgers.

Felt terrible when they delivered my sandwich to the guy across from me 2 minutes later, but really how hard is it to deliver food to a table?

Ass + Clowns.

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