Sunday, May 30

Ouch (no eba)

Took my parents to Gillette Stadium this weekend.

How nice of the New England Revolution Soccer team to share their stadium with the far less popular New England Patriot Football team.

We watched the Revs play the NY Red Bulls. I would classify them both as 'pub team' standard.

That said, it was fun to sit in the stands, on a summer evening.


The Revs keeper went for a 50-50 challenge outside the area. And broke his tibia and fibula. There's nothing as gross as seeing a limb point in the opposite direction. Ugh. Big time ugh.

Frankly the rest of evening was secondary. I was vaguely amused by a bunch of Frenchmen behind me, also questioning the standard of the play.

I'll delay comment on those guys until we see how far Les Bleus get in the upcoming World Cup ...


Anonymous said...

Enough with les Bleus! I take this comment as a personal attack...
Go Mexico!!

oucheba said...

I suppose they could have been your elegant cousins from Quebec? Don't you just love their accents!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Every time I hear that accent, I feel like buying a tazer and point it directly to their throat...
Will you come visit us in Paris before the end of the year if France wins the World Cup? So that we can make fun of everyone??