Sunday, May 23

Sunday Sunday

We headed down to Uniqlo in SoHo. With a long line for the changing rooms I convinced my dad to take his shirt off in the middle of the store. Which led to me trying on shorts in the middle of the store.

Meanwhile Anne ran around like a kid in a metaphorical candy store scooping up all kinds of shirts and tops.

Afterwards we decided to go to a literal candy store. Economy Candy in the Lower East Side never disappoints.

We left with a big bag of liquorice, Curlywurlies, some jellies branded as 'Chuckles', and a Cherry Mash.

Then it was off to Coney Island to eat Hot Dogs, French Fries and listen to the guy cajoling people into playing "Shoot the Freak".

OK, so the ride home was a long one, but it was still light when we arrived back in Cambridge to end a great weekend.

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