Monday, May 10

Time to get it on

Well haven't I been busy lately?

Just back from a weekend in the wonderful Land of Cleves.

We celebrated my Father-in-Laws birthday (bizarrely on my actual Father's birthday) by joining the whole Butchko family at Sokolowski's - a famous Polish buffet overlooking the city.

I had breaded Pork Chops, Perogies and Potatoes, all washed down with a Ukrainian lager. Skipped the salad.

So all nice and healthy.

On Saturday Anne and I went with our friend Amy to a hip place run by celebrated Cleveland chef Michael Symon. I had a Smoked Ham and Gruyere sandwich on Sourdough, with a Fried Egg on top ... because if a million seasons of Top Chef has taught me anything ... that's how you 'class up' comfort food.

And finally on Sunday we did the whole American Mother's Day thing, by scoffing down (more) Ham, potato salad, and our second cake of the weekend. Tip Top!

Throw in the usual mix of right wing/left wing political skullduggery, being freaked out by bats, an overly religious air conditioning installer, and my nephew's daughter taking a shine to me (probably to gain access to my iPad), and you have the recipe for a relaxing weekend of Ohio themed fun.

Fucking awesome ... as my family never say.

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