Thursday, May 20

Top Notch

Well well well.

I flew across the ash-laden Atlantic last week, to meet up with 4 people I have not seen since we left college in 1988.

What a fantastic night. Any pre-match nerves frittered away when first Claire, then Boff, then Stu and finally Dave walked through the door of the very fancy bar where we had arranged to meet.

We liked each other when we were 18, and as we straddle the good old age of 40, it seems we are still eminently likable to each other.

Crazy tales of our college days were re-told, each from different perspectives. Some received clarification after all of these years, some were upgraded to legend status, and some were moved into a bucket called "No that never happened".

Speaking of buckets, we heard of Boff's patented "Shoe Bucket", when he was slumming it in the Manchester agency world.

This was one of dozens of new stories I heard that kept me laughing to myself, long after the night ended.

Perhaps it is obvious, but I never realized you should measure the length of a cat's leg when fitting a cap flap into a door.

The 7 hours flew by too quickly, but we will probably meet sooner than 22 years next time.

And back home .... 5 hours behind the UK ... I get a 4am Facebook ping each morning as the flood of back and forth messages begins.

College was awesome, and this was why.

Sure we were absolute dicks to the rest of the faculty, but we were all good friends who did not take ourselves too seriously.

And let's be honest, design students are always the coolest kids around!!

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