Saturday, May 22

A Weekend in New York

Drove to NYC with Anne and my folks. We stopped half way down at Ikea (?) for a quick cup of coffee. A quick cup of coffee turned into my parents buying bath towels and my developing frustration that nobody sells butter dishes anymore.

Shortly after we were valet parking in Manhattan ... doing the usual flustered shuffle as you realize the guy wants to drive your car away and you want to pack/unpack things from your bag, hide your valuables and double check your pockets with the patented double tap on your ass and thighs.

Anyhoo, we grabbed a quick sandwich and after 20 minutes of watching the crazies, we decided to create our own entertainment by renting bikes to cycle around Central Park.

My mum quickly broke from the peloton only to have the chain fall off when she tried to change gear. Miraculously the ride around the Park seems 80% downhill?

The hour passed by too quickly, and back in the car we headed for our Priceline booked hotel in Murray Hill.

"Welcome to the St. Giles Tuscany Sir", was as good as it got. The reservation was screwed up ... in that there was no reservation.


I spent an hour on the phone with someone with zero geographical knowledge of Manhattan. And what did the hour yield? No new reservation, just the name of a hotel in Times Square that might have 2 rooms free.

We sped thru the Mean Streets and I jumped out leaving Anne and my folks circling in the car as I ran into the hotel to try to snag the last 2 rooms in the place.

I slipped the reception guy a $20, which I think is the first time I have ever bribed someone. I got the rooms!

Reservation made I called Anne and gave her directions to come pick me up. Mixing her East/West from North/South I saw her drive by me. So Jack Bauer style I ran down the middle of 48th chasing after the car.

To quote Anne, "Christ knows why I looked in my mirror™", but she saw her husband running in the middle of the street with taxis coming up fast behind.

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