Sunday, June 20

1982 Spain

I'll dip out of chronological sequence and start with the biggest memory of this event. Trevor Brooking a.k.a the wide-mouthed frog, crosses the ball. All that the curly-haired Kevin Keegan has to do is head the fucking ball. Instead he does a little neck-twist head-flourish and he misses the sitter that would have put England into the Semi's. First prize in the prick competition.

We lived 2 doors down from an Italian family. I never liked them, they had a rabid dog, and the miserable bastard dad never gave us our ball back when it (often) went into his yard. But boy was he happy for one month in 1982. Italy, powered by convicted embezzler Paolo Rossi, won the World Cup and our neighbors when FUCKING SILLY.

Meanwhile former Nazi colleagues West Germany and Austria collaborated to deny Algeria a rightful place in the next phase by playing out a pre-decided result. Cheating bastards.

In the semi-finals German goalie Harald Schumacher would almost kill Patrick Battiston of France, as Les Bleus were robbed of a place in the final. I'm always shocked when I hear the French forgiving Schumacher. I never will.

Otherwise, England scored within 30 seconds against France, and Northern Ireland punched above their weight.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm always shocked when I hear the French forgiving Schumacher. I never will."
Now you are making sense!! I'm with you on that...