Thursday, June 24


I'll remember 1986 because I had just left High School and my parents had just moved house. I also remember we had power cuts that summer and I missed the end of at least 2 games.

86 was the year of the 2 schizophrenic goals from Maradona against England. The first he cheated. Yes, he fucking cheated ... the fucking cheat ... by hitting the ball into the goal with his hand. And then the 2nd goal was one of the all time great goals.

So England went out. But earlier they were abysmal, losing their first game, then their captain to injury, then their replacement captain to a red card. It took a plaster cast wearing Gary Lineker hat-trick to push us into the knock-out phase.

In a (non) surprising turn of events, Scotland were once again totally shit. Although in their match with Uruguay a record was set when the South Americans had a man sent off in less than one minute. Scotland and their one man advantage gamely held on for a 0-0 draw.

And Argentina + the hand of God won the World Cup.

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